Everyone loves to have a 3D scan made, both in the consumer and the corporate & event market. The scan can be used to capture a memory, create figurines, personalise games and express yourself.

The ScanLounge is a portable, full body, photogrammetry 3D scanning solution and delivers high quality results. Endorsed and selected by the key players in the market.


We create stunning full body, full color 3D printed figurines.


With a ScanLounge 3D scan, you can create a game character that looks just like you. Try to score against Messi in Fifa Football!

Express Yourself

With a T-pose 3D scan you can express yourself with a rigged and animated character.

Animation options will explode. You will be able to create 3D animated movies, or replay a real life memory (revisualisation).

But remember, you can only replay starting from the day and age of your first 3D scan!

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